San Bruno Natural Gas Line Tragedy

Our City

San Bruno is a beautiful city in San Mateo County, California. The city is near SF International Airport, but is not actually located in that county. Although it just suffered over a billion dollars in property damage due to a natural gas line fire explosion, the population was around 40,165 according to the 2000 U.S. census.

Ehline Law Firm, a San Bruno Natural Gas Explosion Attorney and also a San Mateo County Wrongful Death Lawyer, has a lead attorney, Michael Ehline, who has been involved in the construction industry all his life. His father, as well as himself, were licensed building contractors who assisted in rebuilding fire and explosion devastation in California, from Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Simi Valley and other major CA cities. You will need a lead attorney like Michael Ehline, who already has experience in dealing with FEMA, OES, and private insurance companies.

Let’s face it, natural gas is a product that is needed and also a highly dangerous one. It is expected that the gas company properly installs and maintains their equipment, whether it is underground pipes, gas mains or piping going into the home.¬† This can often necessitate a burn injury lawyer if there is a fire, as occurred here. When there is defective gas products installed, or flawed workmanship residents can be in danger.

What happen after an Explosion?

The consequence can be gas explosions, which are usually catastrophic. These explosions result in deaths, severe burns that can cause disfigurement and damaged property. The Ehline Law firm represents victims of natural gas explosions and understand the victims of these type of explosions experience extreme pain, disfigurement, and survivors have mounting medical bills. There are other problems for the survivor of a gas explosion, which can include finding specialists for the physical pain, therapy and emotional distress that can occur in burn victims. There is also the lost wages and other financial difficulties the gas explosion victim will deal with. The Ehline Law firm can help the San Mateo County, gas explosion victim receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. This can be an emotional time for the family of the burn victim or the family member that was fatally injured. The experience and dedication attorney Ehline has comforts the victims and family through filing a claim and each step of the legal process that can be daunting until a successful outcome.

This can be gas explosions caused by:

  • Leaking hoses or gas mains
  • Negligent maintenance
  • Improper installation
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Defective gas connectors
  • Defective gas control valves

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If you or a loved one has been a victim of the San Bruno gas explosion, or the family of a dead victim by contacting the Ehline Law firm PC it is a step toward healing. The Ehline Law firm will work on your behalf to fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve. The experienced San Bruno gas explosion attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC can be reached at 888-400-9721.